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We all have goals and we all get distracted - at Upways, our core mission is to enable you to stay on task and achieve your potential in what matters most to you. When life gets in the way, and the to-do lists and reminder apps fail to keep you honest, our success partners provide the clarity and accountability you need make it through the finish line.

UpWays is about matching your ambition


We start with you and your goal. You and your success partner review or create a goal you need to accomplish, where you are now, and any milestones to hit along the way.

Start with a goal

During weekly check-in calls, we review your goal, assess your progress, and take notes on how you are doing relative to your milestones.

Weekly check-in calls

Our success partners act as human reminders that take notes and track progress so you don't have to. You can view your personal notes at any time.

Focus on you

"Upways definitely helped me feel less overwhelmed while I was simultaneously studying for my job interviews and industry certification exams. Having a person to share the journey with made me feel like I wasn't going to miss something by accident."

Sacha B.


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Measurable Progress

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We provide multiple 15-minute accountability sessions via phone each week to review your goal, where you are, and where you're going.

We keep it simple - accountability partners are scientifically proven to keep you focused, reduce stress, and produce results.

We offer a free two-session trial to show you the power of human-driven reminders and progress tracking. No credit card required.

Real connection

Free two-session trial

Upways helps you boost your productivity and stay on task to achieve your goals with weekly check-in sessions with a dedicated accountability partner.

Accountability has never been this easy


539 W. Commerce Street #3472

Dallas, TX 75208


One 15-minute session per week


Two 15-minute sessions per week


1 15-minute session per week: $64/month

2 15-minute sessions per week: $110/month

3 15-minute sessions per week: $160/month

Where we work best

  • Diet plans and weight Loss
  • Workout and fitness plans
  • Skill building
  • Interview and test prep
  • Project management
  • Career and networking
  • Staying in touch with friends and family

and many other accountability needs.

Disclaimer: We do not provide professional medical, mental health, or therapy services, and we do not provide explicit life coaching or mentoring.

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Three 15-minute sessions per week


*Custom session plans are available upon request

Lance M.

"These check-in calls are my weekly moment of clarity. It gets easier to get my focus and direction in place to see where I’m making progress and where I’m missing out."

Allen R.

“I wanted to change jobs but I kept getting distracted with my work responsibilities. Having another person check in on me and track my progress each week helped me get my first promotion!”

“My personal journey with weight loss and diet struggles became immediately easier with help from Upways. It feels great to have another person in your corner.”

Katherine L.